The winery has four vineyards in the municipality of Tegueste. The two main estates are the estate that surrounds the winery, one of the most emblematic given its centuries-old history, settled on a volcanic fault open to the sea with a differential of level between terraces of more than 100m. It has three hectares cultivated in trellis, in 2019 12,000 new vines of native varieties were replanted.

The other large estate of the winery, called “El Fidein” or “Las Peñuelas”, occupies more than 6 hectares. Most of it is grown in open Lira, the rest has recently been converted, moving from the so-called traditional system in rastra to trellis.

The lyre system has been introduced in order to increase the exposed foliar surface, also to increase planting density, increasing competition between plants, which decreases the vigor and increases the quality of the grape produced.

The age of the vineyard ranges from 40 years to the year of the recently converted. As a phylloxera-free territory, vine plants are introduced directly into the soil, without grafting. This allows a greater longevity of the plants and a peculiar palate of the wines.